Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HSC in Little Havana

Today I went by Community Action Agency in Little Havana to shoot some interviews for our upcoming newsletter podcast. If you're signed up for our newsletter, you'll see more about that later (shameless newsletter plug), but I wanted to say a few words about my experience this afternoon. Upon entering the organizations doors on 8th avenue and West Flagler (858 W Flagler), I was met with greetings and enthusiastic chatter. The building was bustling with young and old alike attending the monthly meeting on community affairs. And that's what I immediately saw - a community. The Human Services Coalition has put a lot of resources and manpower into the organization that offers services ranging from adult education to tax help. I can say now after visiting that the resources are appreciated and being put to good use. Maintaining and building community is one of the key aspects of the work we do in Miami, and Accion on West Flagler exemplifies that principle.

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