Thursday, January 14, 2010

Acting out our values...HSC staff reflects

At our staff retreat on Friday, we broke into teams that wrote and performed quick skits based on the words "collaboration," "innovation," "leadership" and "self-empowerment." Those words, previously agreed upon by the staff, reflect the character HSC hopes to possess and feed back into the community. What does that look like? Well, one group, pictured above, contrasted "self-empowerment" with plain, old "empowerment." Initially, actors Corinna, Frances, Myrian, Jessica, Gina and Maisah circled Lynne, who sat in a chair. Lynne said she was cold; they gave her a scarf. Lynne said she was hungry; they gave her food. Soon though, someone from the circle realized Lynne's situation was not getting better. They started to think more critically about how best to help her. She was invited to job fairs and civic engagement trainings; Lynne began to perk up and even stand on her chair. Eventually, a cheerful Lynne was invited to join the circle. How can HSC, the social change sector and the community at large be more focused on self-empowerment? Leave comments if you have an idea.

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