Monday, February 1, 2010

Vote for fair districts this November!

A guest blog from our friend at Fair Distrcts Florida:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Is the November Election a long way off?

This November 2nd Floridians have a tremendous opportunity to vote YES for two Constitutional Amendments (ballot numbers 5 and 6) and meaningful political change in Florida. These amendments to our state's constitution will finally create impartial and clear rules for drawing state legislative and Congressional districts. Republicans, Independents and Democrats recognized this extraordinary opportunity for Floridians to take back fundamental control of their elected officials and signed over 1.65 million petitions to put these common sense changes on the ballot. The fact that this got on the ballot will cause a huge backlash among the entrenched Florida politicians. After all our effort, I can see this glimmer of hope dashed.

I am writing to you to ask you to join me in the fight for FairDistricts in Florida. When these are in our constitution, maybe the representatives will be responsive to their constituents and local communities. It is time to spread the word before the inevitable campaigns of lies and half-truths confuse this very clear and popular issue.

Please go to and join the campaign. Please join the campaign to tell the politicians that voters are fed up with crazy looking districts designed to accomplish a particular political result!

I am excited about this successful grassroots effort and I hope you will be too!

Best regards,

Bruce Jay

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