Friday, July 30, 2010

90 years later, women vote more than men

The first year that I am able to vote also happens to be the 90th anniversary of my right to vote. That's right, woman's suffrage turns the big 9-0 this August. There will be a Women's Equality Day celebration on Miami Beach August 26, with a march down Lincoln Road and a reception in the Lincoln Plaza from 6-8 pm (both events are free and open to the public). Another great way to celebrate this monumental occasion is, of course, to vote.

As it turns out, a higher percentage of women vote than men, according to the Census Bureau's 2008 report. Not to diminish what a triumph that is for women, but...that's not saying much. Overall, 63.6% of registered voters reported voting in 2008.

Early voting in Florida will take place August 9-22, and the official election day is the 24th. Check out the sample ballot and familiarize yourself with the candidates before showing up to the polls (please). You can also vote from the comfort of your home if you choose to use an absentee ballot.

I know it's difficult to get people to participate in local elections, particularly in primaries, but we're lucky (I guess) to have one of the more interesting Senate races here in Florida. Also on the ballot will be a few commissioners, school board members and state legislators who will be making important decisions about (cue buzzwords): taxes, health care, education, growth management, etc. Some of these little-known candidates will have a big impact on Miami-Dade County and Florida. I for one am very excited to wear that "I voted today" sticker.

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