Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Educated on Education: MDCPS Budget Issues

Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) will have to make some "bone cutting" decisions if the state budget does not take action to find ways to keep the same funding amount for education.

Since 2007-08 school year, MDCPS’ total budget has shrunk from $6.3 billion to $4.3 billion -- a $2 billion decrease. Further reductions will affect the progress MDCPS is experiencing in building a world class educational system. The time for action is now. We are asking for you to get educated on education and the key education budget issues as our state legislature meets on the state budget.

Here are the three major issues affecting our local public education budget:

Provide level funding/replacement of federal stimulus funds

$907 million to sunset June 30, 2011 statewide

$121 million to sunset June 30, 2011 for Miami-Dade County Public Schools

2000 Miami-Dade school district jobs in jeopardy

Eliminate penalties associated with class-size reduction non-compliance

School districts should not be penalized for non-compliance, not a constitutional requirement

Address inequity of education funding formula for urban schools

Loss of District Cost Differential and the addition of the Compression Adjustment in the education funding formula diminishes adequate funding to urban school districts

Miami Dade County Schools receives $118 less per student in state funds than the state average

Miami Dade County citizens pay in $200 in taxes more on average to the state on a per student basis towards educating a child than the average taxpayer statewide

Here is what you can do:

Get Educated on Education - click on the following link to hear and see a prerecorded webinar explaining the above issues

Email your appropriate state legislator to express your support for the "Hold Public Education Harmless" issues (see attached pdfs with legislator by school and email addresses)

MiamiFLCOC_1898_MDCPS budget-facts


MiamiFLCOC_1897_2011 session - Email contact list- Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation, 2-3-11

Forward this email to your employees, colleagues, family and friends

Thank you,

Maria C. Alonso Marilu Kernan Rafael SaldaƱa

Chairman Education Committee Chair Education Committee Vice-Chair

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