Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New Super Advocates Coalition!

by Bryan Troupe

On Saturday, September 3rd, 2011, a groundbreaking event occurred. The group, Super Advocates Coalition, was officially formed during a meeting discussing how to empower students to advocate on behalf of civil rights issues, such as healthcare, economic empowerment, and education. The meeting was held at University of Miami (UM) and those attending were Catalyst Miami founder and CEO Daniella Levine, Amber Walker, Charlyn Stanberry, Imri  Yekutiel, and myself, Bryan Troupe. 

The purpose of Super Advocates will be to empower UM and FIU students to serve as advocates for their community. This coalition is primarily targeted to undergraduates and graduates, however is open to anybody that is interested in advocating for their community. Some of the organizations that will be targeted are organizations within Florida International University and UM as well as community organizations throughout Miami-Dade County. 

This type of advocacy is important and needed for communities of Miami-Dade. Citizens should be educated and informed about issues that will have an impact on them and their communities that they live in. One of the goals of this coalition is to ensure that communities and citizens have a voice that is heard by those who have power to make decisions affecting their future. 

Super Advocates Coalition will be meeting every three weeks; the next meeting will be held Saturday, September 17th, on UM campus.

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