Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using Social Media to Build Relationships That Make a Difference: 10 Links to Get Your Nonprofit Started

Contributed by Jessica Diaz Creator of  Wideeyed City

A few weeks ago the Miami Herald released an article about a documentary, “Connect with Me” by Scherazade Daruvalla King, which examines how social media affects relationships.  The film, presented by the nonprofit AmplifyMe, explores both the negative and positive changes this popular form of communication has had on our society.  While there are certainly many pros and cons, social media has great potential and many nonprofits are currently making this powerful tool work to their advantage. They are using it to build relationships with current and potential supporters.  
As Daniella Levine, Catalyst Miami’s President/CEO, stated “The net gain is that there is so much more information to share, so many more opportunities to connect with different people and different ideas, and to spark change in a positive way.” Through Facebook, Twitter and blogging, Catalyst Miami is embracing and promoting the use of social media to encourage civic leadership and spark change.
Inspired by the article, I began searching for tips and ideas on how to use social media to build relationships that will make a difference.  There are many articles out there, but here are just a few to get you started. Remember the key is to enhance, not replace relationships. Enjoy!

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