Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interns for Impact: Teachers are vital to our Country’s success

Contributed by Stéphanie Maître

My reaction and thoughts on President Obamas video urging Congress to take action and put teachers back to work in classrooms.

Over the past few years the Country's economic status has not reached a stable point where the states and the federal government will not have to make as many cuts as they have been. With the constant need to find money where there is non, cuts are being made, specifically in education. With education as the best predictor of success, it is disheartening to see tens of thousands of teachers that are now unemployed. Laying off teachers increase class sizes, taking personal attention away from students that need it, and the students in turn fall behind. A study found that a good teacher can increase a class income by 250,000 dollars. With such knowledge state and federal governments should put more value in the role that teachers play in the United States. Education is vital to our country's economic growth and development. An increase in the amount of educated individuals will increase the amount of industries in the U.S swell as the amount of middle class Americans who are occupying new jobs in new industries. Our state and federal governments need to realize the important role teacher’s play in our Country's future. 

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