Friday, April 26, 2013

Organizations to Watch: Florida Nonprofit Alliance

Written by Elmasei Antoine, Nonprofit Leadership Coordinator 

Is a nonprofit you care about facing funding or infrastructure challenges? Are you wondering who is advocating for the needs of these organizations? Then you should know about the Florida Nonprofit Alliance!
Nonprofit organizations are facing increasing pressures to deliver quality services and high-impact programs with less money. In the midst of a chaotic political and economic environment, the Florida Nonprofit Alliance (FNA) formed to take a comprehensive approach to weathering the financial storm.

FNA exists to provide a collective voice for nonprofits at the local, state and federal levels; serve as a central resource and referral center for all nonprofits to gather, analyze, and share important sector data; and represent the needs of the nonprofit sector in Tallahassee and Washington, DC.

Catalyst Miami is one of several organizations working in this loosely organized network to increase collaboration, collectivity, and resource sharing among the 75,000 nonprofits serving over 18 million residents in Florida. FNA will increase visibility of collaboration happening between nonprofits to meet our communities most pressing needs. 

By educating nonprofits on policies that can affect them and providing a voice through of collective action, FNA’s collaborative approach to solving problems has not gone unnoticed and has garnered many supporters, including the Knight Foundation.

The Florida Nonprofit Alliance 2013 Policy Agenda is supporting HB95- Charitable Contributions, also known as the “Clawback Bill.” The bill would protect organizations that received donations in good faith from clawback lawsuits.

Get involved with the Florida Nonprofit Alliance today. Check out their website at

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