Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Allegory of the Mountain: The Story of HSC

An allegorical journey into the inner workings of the Human Services Coalition.
DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this production DO NOT represent those of the executive team and board of directors. This video was produced by two of our most promising young employees who sometimes let their imaginations take them to places most people simply are not prepared to encounter. So be warned, and enjoy the ride....


  1. Nice! You need to reduce the width of the embedded video to fit better in the blog space. The right side of the movie screen is cut off in my browser. See you Thursday night!

  2. you guys should get better security to deter strangers from coming in randomly.

    great video, cheers!

  3. Thanks guys! Yes, we have been playing with our blog layout because we face this problem with all our videos.

    I agree, we should probably have a bouncer at the door of our office, yet these strangers tell such good stories.... :)