Monday, March 1, 2010

HSC Pres honored for leadership

I'm going to talk about HSC President Daniella Levine (above, left) winning the M. Athalie Range Leadership Award from Belafonte Tacolcy Center (BTC) on Saturday, but first can we talk about how cute those kids at the dinner were? Hearing the participants of BTC's literacy program, the Freedom School, sing, "Something Inside So Strong" was enough to make anyone empty their pockets and become a Tacolcy Angel. "We like to say we're an oasis in a desert," BTC CEO Alison Austin told the Herald. "Our focus is to provide access to our children, access to computers, access to hope, access to everything they need.'' Don't forget access to microphones; those kids are talented!
But I digress. Levine, as I said, received the award named after community organizer extraordinaire M. Athalie Range. Range, Levine recounted in her acceptance speech, once got garbage pickup increased in Liberty City by organizing community members to dump trash on Commissioners' desks. That is a woman to emulate, Levine said. Read about Levine's own impressive career.

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