Friday, December 28, 2012

A Moment to Reflect for a New Year of Good Work

Written by Felix Acuña, Catalyst Miami New Media Coordinator

As I think about the events that have stirred me this past year, I wonder whether there’s any time to rest. I’m thinking about the millions of people living in poverty, those who face a myriad of financial stresses that threaten their potential to be self-sufficient and escape the stigmas associated with deprivation. There is a lot to be done. This New Year’s weekend we’ll have the opportunity to replenish our strength as we connect to what’s good in our lives: friendship, abundance, love, and with all of these, the desire to face the upcoming year with the determination and courage we need in order to honor our values.

Looking ahead to the New Year, there is a lot to be hopeful about. At Catalyst Miami, we are excited about the formation of a powerful network of service providers working together to alter the conditions that cause poverty: the Miami Thrives Network.  

I have faith in this network's capacity for collaboration. It will be supported by all of us without any claims of ownership. It will be a network of justice. I have faith that we will be driven by leadershipwith the passion it’ll take to help us reach sustainability. It will be a network for the years to come. I have faith that we will foster innovation, working beyond traditional schemas for addressing inequality. It will be a network of inspiration. I have faith in our capacity to be driven by self-empowerment, so that we may tap into our enormous emotional, intellectual, and spiritual resources. It will be a network of determination. I have faith that we will do this work with compassion. All of our actions will come from a place of care and will take us to a place of care: the just and equitable society we honor in our vision. 

As we imagine the future of this network, we’re also keeping in mind how we’ll embody these catalyzing values with the rest of our projects. We hope to honor our commitments to collaboration as we continue to participate in the state-wide initiative to bring visibility to the much needed Medicaid expansion. We also are eager to see the launch of our upcoming Parent Leadership Training Institute and SoundOut sessions, in which parents and youth will learn about the value and process behind civic engagement.

Stay tuned for all the activities that we’ll be leading and promoting this year. Have a happy, generous, and abundant 2013!

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