Thursday, December 6, 2012

Engage and Empower with Maisah Williams

Catalyst Miami is uniquely defined by five intrinsic values: leadership, collaboration, innovation, self-empowerment, and compassion. Combined, these values tell the compelling story of how individuals connect to our organization and thrive to make a collective impact in their communities. Enjoy staff member Gina Ha's beautiful original paintings and story as they unfold over five days leading up to Give Miami Day December 12. Follow our journey of five noteworthy Catalyst Champions who embody these values.
The journey starts with leadership; the ability and willingness to dream with an internal compass (read more)...

Collaboration makes the feat possible, incorporating various gifts from others: passion that fuels, ideas that then radiate (read more)...
Innovation is the unique product of collaboration and the vehicle that drives ideas into reality and stretches realms of possibility (read more)…

Self-empowerment is discovered along the journey at that very moment when the fuel is low and sky is turbulent and that inner push is all that is needed to get through it all to the rainbow in the sky.
Maisah Williams was just 20 years old when she first connected to Catalyst Miami through Public Allies, an AmeriCorps program that identifies talented, idealistic young adults and helps them build the leadership skills to transform ambitions into careers. Soon she was inspiring dozens of Overtown and Liberty City residents to improve their communities through initiatives to address poor street lighting and other issues.
Today Maisah is a Catalyst Miami staff member focusing on Catalyst’s Prosperity Campaign, where her responsibilities include working with IRS contacts who train Catalyst staff to provide free tax preparation services. In one case, the team helped a single mother apply for the tax credit she had missed out on for several years—leading to a $15,000 refund from the IRS.
Maisah also often connects with contacts at Miami’s Marriott Hotel, where Catalyst offers financial coaching services for hotel staff—such as the young receptionist who learned she was eligible for not only financial aid to go back to school, but transportation services to get her there. Maisah also connects with bankers, which has co-hosted Prosperity Campaign financial literacy workshops that help residents facing serious difficulties to gain new financial self-sufficiency.
When you connect to Catalyst Miami, you help Maisah make the connections that help our neighbors prosper and our community flourish.
Maisah Williams is a Catalyst Champion. Would you consider being a champion as well? Donate to Catalyst Miami on Give Miami Day on December 12th and be part of our local movement to connect for good.

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