Monday, August 15, 2011

Interns For Impact: BRYAN TROUPE

Since the time that I could remember, my mother instilled upon my brother, sister, and I the habit of being selfless and having an extremely strong work ethic. We grew up poor, and were raised on WIC and welfare until my early teen years. My mother, a single parent, managed to put herself through a trade school, and therefore earn enough money so that she could take care of her children without needing government assistance. Although we were still pretty poor, as kids we never really knew that we were poor. We never went without food, clothing, shelter, or love. 

My brother and I are both pursuing Bachelor’s degrees. My sister, the first in my family to graduate college, currently has a job working for the government.  

I am currently attending college at Florida International University (FIU), majoring in Public Administration. I hope to graduate in the summer of 2012, after which I will pursue my Master’s degree. I personally believe that there are many conditions in poverty communities that can be fixed, and my mission is to solve these issues in order to give everyone a fair chance at living a decent life. 

I begin my internship at Catalyst Miami because I believe the programs that the organization offers to the community are exactly what I think are needed for disadvantaged communities to better themselves. I was brought in to start my internship by our Communications Director, Cheryl Mizell, with the approval of our CEO, Daniella Levine. There is a great deal of experience and knowledge that I can gain from all that are involved with Catalyst Miami and I have enjoyed working with every single person in every single department of this organization. The amazing thing to me has been that working here feels less like a job and more like a family. 

There has never been a day that I have dreaded walking into the offices of Catalyst Miami, because I know that every day, whether directly or indirectly, I have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

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