Tuesday, August 2, 2011


by Bryan Troupe

Over $50 million which was promised to the state of Florida by the federal government has been rejected. Who would reject $50 million in the midst of such turbulent economic times? The state of Florida would – specifically Florida’s governor and legislators.

The $50 million was part of the Affordable Care Act: the healthcare reform bill that the Obama administration passed into law in 2010. The money granted to Florida would have gone to programs such as:

  • $40 million for construction of community-health centers

  • $8 million for programs to promote wellness including help with chronic diseases such as diabetes

  • $3.4 million for in-home visitations for at-risk families

  • $2.1 million for consumer assistance office to educate Floridians about health insurance

  • $2 million for hospice care for children

  • $2 million for helping low-income seniors pay for Medicare premiums and prescription drugs

  • $1 million to help the state plan a health-care-exchange system that would let consumers compare insurance plans.

  • $1 million to help the state insurance agency monitor rising health-insurance rates.

Why is Florida rejecting these federal dollars?

Because these federal dollars are associated with the Obama Administration’s health reform package, (Affordable Care Act), Florida GOP legislators and even Florida Governor Rick Scott refuse to accept the money. 

According to the State Committee Child Abuse Death Review Committee, Florida taxpayers pay about $64,377 a year to care for an abused or neglected child. On the other hand, Healthy Families Florida (nonprofit organization), prevents the costs of child abuse and neglect for $1,671 a year per child, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Here are some additional quick stats:

  • In 2010, Florida was ranked 49th out of 50 states when it came to geographic health disparity.

  • Florida ranked 48th in nation of uninsured: 21.2% of Floridians are uninsured (over 4 million Floridians – 24 states have fewer people than Florida has uninsured).

  • Florida is ranked 48th when it comes to individuals with infectious diseases.

  • The average premium of Florida families have increased by 88%Does Florida really need Health Reform?

To give much needed service and assistance to disadvantaged Florida citizens, nonprofit and social service organizations are in desperate need of adequate funding.

To stay informed and learn what you can do to help, sign up for CHAIN Reaction www.floridachain.org

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