Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Building Bridges Isn't Easy... But It's Getting Easier

A study released from the Columbia Business School last month found that mindfulness about our own cultural assumptions may be a key driver towards creatively collaborating with individuals from other cultures. According to the researchers, the trust normally experienced in working relationships is 'cognitive trust,' trust from the head--otherwise known as trusting somebody about as far as you can throw them. When we are habitually aware of our own cultural frameworks we are more likely to establish 'affective trust' with our colleagues—trust from the heart, akin to rapport. The study found that affective trust is key in creative partnerships, because the best and newest ideas tend to only be shared and expanded upon when that deeper trust is present.

Collaboration is one of our core values here at Catalyst. It isn't always easy—in fact sometimes it's downright frustrating—but the fruit born from effective collaborations are just too sweet to pass up. There certainly seems to be something sweet in the air this autumn! Maybe it has something to do with the wave of collaborative workspaces opening up in Miami. Whatever the case, we are happy to see more collaboration springing up in our hometown!

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