Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Movers and shakers take the time to eat and talk

When the Breakfast Roundtable started nearly two years ago, Christopher Norwood imagined bringing change-makers and visionaries together with no set agenda in mind. The idea was to break bread and share wisdom about the issues that mattered most to those gathered around the table. What developed was an informal gathering welcoming the insight of community leaders who could share their thoughts and answer questions pertaining to non-partisan public policy, business and community change opportunities.

“It all started with me and a couple of civic leaders,” Norwood explains. “We often sat around and talked about the lack of opportunity for information sharing around issues affecting our community. We decided there was a need to provide that information in an informal setting.” 

The informal gathering now takes place once a month at the Jackson Soul Food Restaurant in Overtown. It is an opportunity for community members to bridge the gap and gain insight into the personal perspective of Miami's nonprofit and community leaders.

Since its inception, The Breakfast Roundtable has hosted the Director of the Port of Miami, the CEO of Business and Tourism Bureau, the CEO of the Children’s Trust, the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of the Port of Miami, City Commissioner and many others. 

Just last week, Catalyst Miami's President Daniella Levine made an appearance at the Roundtable. She shared her personal leadership journey—walking each one of us through the challenges she’s faced, the victories she’s experienced and the lessons she’s learned while working to create justice and equality for families and children in Miami-Dade County. Levine explored the ups and downs of leadership, describing the importance of having integrity and building trust.

“I learned a very powerful story about what gave her the edge and the personal motivation to start an organization like Human Services Coalition [now, Catalyst Miami],” Norwood said.

The Breakfast Roundtable is a unique sum of all its parts. The speaker, the attendees and organizer all play a unique role in allowing the discussion to flow organically. The idea that we cannot work together if we do not come together is tried and true and something the Breakfast Roundtable keeps at the forefront of each gathering.

As Norwood said, “Receiving information empowers people in the community to make more informed decisions…[The Roundtable] is an opportunity to cut through the filter, break bread, and have a conversation.”
For more information on past and future round table discussions, visit The Breakfast Roundtable on Facebook.


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