Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Greater the Nonprofit Density, The Lesser the Unemployment Rate

The latest report from the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) reveals that metropolitan areas, states and communities with better civic health fare better during times of economic recession.

These findings have major implications for those living, working and engaging in Florida—a state with the third highest rate of unemployment and the highest foreclosure rate.
The discussion surrounding civic engagement has recently permeated the nonprofit sector, so we have to ask what role engagement plays in building healthier, stronger, and more prosperous communities.

Not only do nonprofits assist individuals and families by tending to immediate needs, but they also pave unique avenues for employment. Groups that provide services, hold regular meetings and convene people for decision-making are likely to contribute to social fabric that bolsters employment both locally and nationally, according to the NCoC study.

In Miami-Dade, nonprofits have provided thousands of jobs with fair pay and employee benefits, all while offering direct services at projected growth each year. In 2010, a survey of 42 organizations in Miami-Dade revealed new employment opportunities for over 2,000 individuals that provided direct services to over 200,000 clients. 66% of the organizations surveyed offered competitive salaries and benefits and employed 37% of their personnel full-time.

Thanks to organized efforts of the Penny Wise Campaign, which has curtailed budget cuts and preserved programs and services offered by nonprofits throughout Miami-Dade, the idea that “short-term cuts could have long-term consequences” took hold in 2010.

The same rigor is needed to preserve our nonprofits today. Even in light of an economic recession, it is important to consider the role nonprofits play in strengthening civic health and lessening unemployment rates in our communities.

Connecting people to jobs through the nonprofit sector strengthens local employment and bolsters civic engagement. Nonprofit organizations play a key role in creating avenues for social cohesion, increasing networks, and providing training opportunities for employees and constituents alike. 

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