Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catalyst Invites You to Share Your Healthcare Story

Three community members who came with Catalyst Miami to the recent Town Hall on Florida Legislative Session 2013 weighed in on Medicaid Expansion. At the ages of 25, 55, and 60, these three men shared personal stories to illustrate how Medicaid Expansion could help those who are under- or uninsured in the state of Florida. Listen to our supporters and others engage in conversations surrounding healthcare, political transparency, education, and redistricting at the full recording of the Town Hall on Session 2013 here.

In a recent article in The Florida Current, Julio Fuentes, president of the Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce says, "Extending health coverage through Medicaid helps businesses and many service sectors--such as retail, restaurants and tourism. When employees in these businesses have access to health care, absenteeism is reduced and we have a healthier workforce that will benefit all Floridians."

Catalyst Miami will continue to put pressure on our lawmakers to ensure that Florida's working families have opportunities to access quality and affordable healthcare. We will be visiting Tallahassee April 2-4 to stand up for Medicaid Expansion during Miami-Dade Days in the state capital. We will be joined by supporters like you, and want to ensure your story is shared with our lawmakers. How do you see Medicaid Expansion benefiting Floridians? What's your story? Share with us here.

Over 40 supporters joined Catalyst Miami on a bus to Broward County for the Town Hall on Session 2013 hosted by WLRN and the Miami Herald.

"It was a learning experience to attend my first town hall meeting. It was very cool to have had the opportunity to ask our senators questions that are important to us. Senator Latvala gave a succinct and straightforward answer when asked if he was in favor of medicaid expansion. He was all for it." Carlos is hoping to pursue a career as a lawyer representing people with mental illness. He’s a paralegal student at Miami-Dade.
-Carlos Larrauri, Town Hall on Session 2013 participant.

To take action and receive updates on issues pertaining to access to affordable health care, visit To receive updates from Catalyst Miami and find out more about the trip to Tallahassee for Miami Dade Days, contact Lori Deus at

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