Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Voices for Better Transit in Miami

Written by Felix Acuña

From a lack of covered bus stops and a scarce amount of routes, to inconsistent schedules and questionably affordable fares, Miami's transit system needs a good deal of improvements.
To put it simply, if public transit were better, people would be more willing to use it, and that would make all of our lives better (start by thinking of less traffic). Since we can't expect that more people will simply start using public transit more frequently, to the degree that will bring about more buses, trains, routes, and hours of operation, Miami's change-makers, led by a group of Urban Planning graduate students from FAU, are reaching out to local authorities at this never-seen-before event: The Purple Line opening. In a recent Biscayne Times article, Adam Schachner, a core member of Emerge, summarizes it pretty well: “The experimental station is part commuter activism, part civic engagement, and part pop-up art experience, illustrating what many Miami commuters crave: a transit stop with a cosmopolitan feel.”

We hope you'll be a part of this emerging collective effort to improve transit and the lives of all Miamians.

Where: 3651 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33137

When: March 8th 12pm-10pm & March 9th 10am-11pm

For more info regarding transportation and the lineup:

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