Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prosperity Campaign Celebrates First Client Appreciation Day

Written By Vaughan Johnson, Prosperity Capacity Coordinator

For the very first time, Catalyst Miami's Prosperity Team had the opportunity to provide our constituents with a Client Appreciation Day (C.A.D.). On Monday, February 4 we invited our clients to attend a full day of informational workshops that addressed various issues in healthcare, financial stability, affordable housing and so forth.

The idea was to provide workshops that would expose our constituents to the numerous free services and greatly beneficial information that is available to them; and thanks to some of our partner organizations we did just that. The clients got a great deal of information on affordable housing thanks to a presentation by the Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida. Clients were also educated by Herman Koch, a Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield Community Health Educator on the changes in healthcare and the healthcare reform. They also got free legal assistance from Legal Services of Greater Miami, citizenship information, early childhood information and tips, in additional to a whole heap of financial coaching and planning strategies.
The robust number of clients actively engaged in the various discussions made the event a great success. During the event we had a heart-filled testimonial by Rosemine Lederl, an active long-time client and mother who has had first-hand experience with our Prosperity Program initiatives. She shared her profound story about how free financial counseling has helped her to improve her credit score as well as equipped her with much needed budgeting strategies.


  1. That is awesome.I think it is really important for companies to have some type of client appreciation programs in place. It’s the simple things that often get you noticed and keeps your clients coming back. It also helps you stand apart from the competition and define the great attention you give to your clients.