Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Budget Problems 101- It’s Going to be a Long Hot Summer!

On June 28th, Miami-Dade County will elect a new mayor. After the election, the new mayor will have ten days to present his proposed budget. The city is currently in a state of limbo since we do not have a mayor but major budget issues! It is projected that $250-$450 million will have to be cut from the current county budget. With the budget cuts, come eliminations. It is also projected that over 2,000 county workers will be laid off, half of the non-mandated county departments will be slashed, and many county programs will be eliminated. The departments likely to be affected by the budgets cuts include the Department of Health, Department of Human Services, Community Based Organizations, Parks & Recreation, the Community Action Agency, and possibly the Police Department.

What can we do???
-Become informed on each candidate's stance regarding the county budget.
-Get out and VOTE!!
-Listen out for the tentative dates for the September budget hearings.
-Stay informed and use our voice!

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