Tuesday, June 14, 2011

“A Call to Prayer” at MASKED

By: Viviana Mauri, Communications Intern

Our 11th Annual Theatre Event, MASKED, is “An explosive Israeli play about three Palestinian brothers locked in a life-and-death struggle over issues of deception and betrayal. Set in a village on the West Bank in 1990, it depicts the tragedy of one family torn between duty, kinship, principles and survival.” We are pleased to announce that we will start this special evening with “A Call to Prayer.” We will be joined by two faith leaders of our South Florida community who will each open and close the show in inter-denominational prayer.
The idea for the prayers came from Catalyst Miami’s President and CEO Daniella Levine who shared, “The play is about Palestinians in Israel, written by an Israeli but dealing with Palestinian brothers. It’s been called ‘explosive,’ so I know it’s going to stir a lot of emotions and passion. It seems impossible to resolve the crisis in the Middle East. Only when we’re called to a higher purpose can we understand possible solutions. The play depicts the conflict of two different faiths that actually share the same God and pray to the same God, in their own way. That is what inspired my idea of a Call to Prayer in the Muslim tradition. Even those who don’t believe in the power of prayer and who are not religious hopefully can gain from appreciating this message that bridges traditions of prayer and peace.”

Tickets are available at http://www.hscdade.org/ or by calling (305) 576-5001

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