Monday, June 27, 2011

THE CATALYST BUZZ: The Tuesday Runoff Election

By: Bianca Mijares, Catalyst Miami Intern

The mood around the office concerning the Mayoral Election on Tuesday is an apprehensive one. People are conflicted on how they feel about the positions held by the candidates. Whether or not there should have been a recall in the first place is also a contentious issue, considering the $15 million price tag of the three subsequent special elections. The issues that are important to some members of Catalyst Miami include property taxes, the environment, transportation and urban sprawl. Certain members of Catalyst Miami think property taxes should be raised to support funding for vital services, but are concerned that neither candidate shares their viewpoint.

Inefficient transportation is another issue some members of staff are concerned about. They worry these issues will not be addressed properly, as evidenced by the allocation of funds to build a tunnel to the Port of Miami. Budget cuts are another concern, specifically the inevitable cuts that will be made towards our communities' vital health and human services.

On another note, many are hoping that the new mayor will maintain the current Urban Development Boundary. This kind of general dissatisfaction towards politicians is expressed statewide and members of Catalyst Miami are hopeful the upcoming election brings about a tide of consciousness and a call to reform.

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