Monday, June 20, 2011

Interns for Impact: JAZMIN LOCKE

Photo by: Viviana Mauri, Communications Intern.

Hi there! My name is Jazmin Locke and I am the first intern to be featured on Catalyst Miami's blog, this is exciting! I must then be responsible for paving the explanation of what an intern at Catalyst Miami may be doing. Primarily I'd say it is being patient and receptive of the different assignments thrown at me and holding my breath to not exclaim, "Wait are you sure you want me to do this?" In just these two weeks I have noticed that Catalyst Miami places great confidence and enthusiasm in their interns, both believing in our creativity and our initiatives.

As a student in Environmental Sustainability at Mount Holyoke College, I am excited to get the opportunity to work with Lynn Fiala in improving Farmers Markets' efforts to reach people across Miami. While reading Request for Proposals, paying close attention to local politics and countless e-mails, I am gradually learning the steps it takes to bring Farmers' Markets from across Miami together to collaborate with one another, share resources, and increase the availability of locally grown food. Locally grown food is not easy to find across the county, particularly in designated food deserts where supermarkets cannot be found within a 10 mile radius. This collaborative is to work toward closing these gaps.

Here with three other Posse Scholars of Miami, I have the support of my peers in a new professional setting, where I can learn what it means to be myself in a progressive environment. This opportunity is providing me the experience that I will use in the environmental field in the future.

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