Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catalyst Miami's friend, Laura Levey

By: Viviana Mauri, Communications Intern
This Saturday, July 16th, 2011, marks Catalyst Miami’s Birthday Bash Celebration for Daniella Levine and Laura Levey at the home of Laura and Lewis Levey. 

   As the supporters and readers of Catalyst Miami’s online media sites and blog, you definitely know well our President & CEO, Daniella Levine, but you may want to learn more about our event’s hostess, Mrs. Laura Levey.
Mrs. Levey was introduced to our nonprofit organization, Catalyst Miami, through her grade school friend, our Vice President of Community Partnerships, Karla Gottlieb. Mrs. Levey spoke only the kindest words of her grade school classmate, calling Karla a great friend whom she knows not only works very hard on behalf of Catalyst Miami, but believes the passion for her work truly comes from the goodness of her heart. She is deeply moved by Karla’s devotion to her community.

A mother of five children, Laura shares that her passion of giving is something she hopes to transfer to her kids by supporting organizations such as Catalyst Miami. Laura shared: “I love to be involved with the community. They need my help.” She fears, “too many organizations are disappearing.”

Laura shared with our Communications Director, Cheryl Mizell, her admiration for our Catalyst Miami CEO & President Daniella Levine as well as for the work she has accomplished in both Miami-Dade County and the international community. Additionally, she shared her recognition for the respect that Daniella commands within the Jewish community.
Among the three public concerns Catalyst Miami identifies (economic opportunity, health, and education), the one Laura focused on was education. She is deeply grateful to the work Catalyst Miami has conducted in schools to support the children and families who cannot afford the supplies and help they need to succeed. 
At only three days away, you are still in time to RSVP for this Saturday evening’s 6-11PM beautiful Birthday Bash for Daniella & Laura! Please do so by contacting our Events Coordinator, Monica Matteo-Salinas, at (305) 576-5001 x 22 or e-mailing her at In lieu of a birthday gift, the birthday girls request a $50 donation to your nonprofit organization, Catalyst Miami. See you then for a delicious Spanish paella, live music and a great time!

Visit our website,, to view our official invite (Also below)!

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