Sunday, July 31, 2011

Democracy Summer 3rd Session

by Bryan Troupe

As promised, the 3rd session of Catalyst Miami’s Democracy Summer session delivered a wealth of ideas to all in attendance. Participants were broken into smaller groups of three, which enabled each individual’s separate ideas to be molded into one voice before being presented to the entire group.

Gretchen Beesing conducted the first section, Concepts for Social Change. She presented five methods of social change: direct service, self-help, education, advocacy and direct action organizing.

The second presenter, Caitlin Maclaren, did a fantastic job explaining the Pennywise Campaign. An interesting point that Caitlin made was that local officials should not make cuts that could be damaging in the long term for the community.

Here are sample quotes from those who attended:

“I always leave with concrete ideas of things that I can implement right away.” Kamalah Fletcher, Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

“It was really energizing to be able to talk about issues going on in communities. I look forward to the day for everyone to truly come together and move a movement forward.” Sharayna Douglas, who works with at-risk youth

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